Making a Difference

This blog is my attempt to be the drop in the ocean. Throughout my day I see people make decisions that have drastic negative impacts on the environment. Many of these people are my friends and family. I am not one to preach to audiences who are not susceptible to hearing my message. I have found that this only breeds contempt. This does not stop me from posting on Facebook nor Twitter (@jcd_poet) issues I’m passionate about. I just think they are missing out on some valuable information that could change their lives and the world.

What prompted me to start this blog is to expand my audience. I am well aware that I may fall on deaf ears or will be one of the million voices out in the multitudes. It makes me feel better knowing that I will be putting my words out there and maybe someone will hear them. A word of caution: I am a quirky person so it is liable that this blog will go out on tangents. What is life without whimsy?


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